Personalized acupuncture treatment in our calming private treatment rooms. May include the use of cupping, moxa, or gua sha. Personalized dietary recommendations.

Community Acupuncture


Acupuncture treatment within our beautiful community room. Relaxing atomsphere designed to optimize your healing.

Health Consultation


Create a health program focused on lifestyle, exercise, and food. Individually tailored to the needs of the patient's constitution.

Facial Rejuvenation


Reduce wrinkles, improve muscle tone, increase luminosity and radiance of skin through acupuncture facial.

Herbal Consultation

$45/session plus cost of herbs

Herbal treatment without the use of acupuncture. Specifically designed to focus on internal and chronic pathologies.

Feng Shui Consultation


Personalized and comprehensive in home consultation. Individualized portfolio to improve the energetic flow in your residence.