Recipe for Firm and Youthful Skin!

The ancient Chinese has always understood food as a primary form of medicine. The following recipe is especially useful for people who desire a more youthful look to their skin due to dryness. This is a traditional recipe that serves great as dessert. Not only does it bring moisture to the skin, it also promotes digestion. An ideal treat in low calories that everyone will enjoy.


A. Yin Er (White Fungus)-Make sure to purchase ones without sulfite. You may find it in local Asian grocery stores or from your acupuncturists/herbalists.

B. Lotus Seeds

C. Goji Berries

D. Dried Long Gan Fruit (optional)


1. Soak 2 big pieces of fungus in water for half hour or until soft

2. Cut the fungus into small coin size pieces

3. Put fungus, handful of lotus seeds, goji berries, (dried long gan fruit if desired) into pot full of water

4. Boil then simmer on low fire for 2 hours

5. Add in desired amount of brown sugar for flavor and dissolve

6. Enjoy!